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Welcome to Ian’s Friday Puzzle! Dust off those Friday cobwebs with a little manipulation of the old grey matter. Perplexing puzzles, logical, illogical, and sometimes just plain stupid. Be prepared to be bewildered, befuddled and bedazzled!

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This week's Friday Puzzle

Place each of the prime numbers between 2 and 13 so that each number is surrounded by its factors.


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Friday Puzzle (16/06/2017)

What is the smallest number of transparent square sheets of paper that can be placed over one another to form the pattern shown?

Square grid

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Friday Puzzle (09/06/2017)

If Benny is three times as old as Barney will be when Bernie is as old as Benny is now, who is the second oldest?

How old could Bernie, Barney and Benny be?

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Friday Puzzle (02/06/2017)

A2473B is a six-digit number in which A and B are single digits.

The number is divisible by 72, each of the six digits is

different and there are no zeroes.

What are the value of A and B?

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Friday Puzzle (26/05/2017)

Let N be the product of the first eleven positive integers.

If  N10x   is an integer, what is the maximum possible value of x?


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Friday Puzzle (19/05/2017)

In the diagram, how many degrees in total are the four marked angles, in terms of a and b?


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Friday Puzzle (12/05/2017)

It takes 3 seconds to blow up a perfectly spherical balloon so it has a diameter of 6 inches.

Betty wants it bigger, so keep blowing.

How much longer will it take to blow up the balloon from a diameter of 6 inches to a diameter of 12 inches?

Note: the rate of air input is constant and no other external factors affect the balloon.

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Friday Puzzle (05/05/2017)

The length of a rectangle is 2/5 the perimeter of the rectangle.

What fraction of the rectangle’s length is the width?

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Friday Puzzle (28/04/2017)

A man’s age, when the digits are reversed, is the same as his daughter’s age.

The sum of their ages is 99 and the difference between their ages is a cubic number.

Find the ages of the man and his daughter.

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Friday Puzzle (21/04/2017)

An uncancelled fraction is equal to 1/2. Its numerator is reduced by 2 and its denominator increased by 2 so the fraction is now worth 1/3. What was the original fraction?

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